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Selection Criteria: To be hired by this company you must be qualified and able to do al the essential functions of the job; references must be favorable; job history (as stated on this application) must be verifiable; former employers must confirm your experience, skills and dependability; you must be truthful on the application and in the interviews conducted by and for this company and all such information must be verifiable; driving and credit history must be acceptable; you must pass required medical and drug testing; any claims for monetary damages you have made while represented by an attorney must be deemed reasonable and justifiable; you must be truthful in any "post" job offer inquiries about your health and medical suitability for this job; and you must be able to meet all selection standards mandated by law.  APPLICATIONS ARE CONSIDERED FOR ALL POSITIONS WITHOUT REGARD TO RACE, RELIGION, SEX, NATIONAL ORIGIN, AGE, MARITAL OR VETERAN STATUS, THE PRESENCE OF A NON-JOB-RELATED MEDICAL CONDITION OR DISABILITY, OR ANY OTHER LEGALLY PROTECTED STATUS.  NO APPLICATION WILL BE CONSIDERED UNLESS ALL INFORMATION REQUESTED ON THIS FORM IS COMPLETED IN FULL.  ALL INFORMATION IS KEPT CONFIDENTIAL. * are required fields
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