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Kenworth reliability, efficiency and comfort means maximum up time and minimum fatigue. Drivers feel at home wherever the road takes them. The World’s Best® trucks.


Since 1923, Kenworth has custom-engineered trucks for a wide range of vocational and on-highway applications. We’ve created generations of tough, workhorse solutions designed to thrive in the most demanding conditions on earth. Trucks of unyielding quality that deliver years of peak performance where other trucks fear to tread.

The timeless, classic style has always been part of the Kenworth legacy. But so has our commitment to quality. From enhanced durability to improved driver comfort to optimized operational efficiency, each Kenworth stands as a testament to our uncompromising engineering and craftsmanship.

Kenworth W900
Kenworth T880
Kenworth T800


Mack Trucks is one of North America’s largest manufacturers of heavy-duty Class 8 trucks, engines and transmissions. Founded in 1900, Mack trucks are sold and serviced in more than 45 countries worldwide. Every Mack® truck built for the North American market is assembled at its Mack Lehigh Valley Operations facility in Macungie, Pa. Engines and transmissions for the North American market are built at its power train facility in Hagerstown, Md. Mack is part of the Volvo Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment, marine and industrial engines.

mack_modelseries_pinnacledaycab_lgpromo1_axleforward The Mack® Pinnacle™ DayCab is a versatile workhorse for all your regional trips. It delivers great power, fuel economy and maneuverability throughout the day and across your diverse business needs.
Pinnacle™ Sleepers are designed for comfort, heavy loads, steep grades and long hauls. With the MP® engine, they deliver the power to handle payloads and the fuel efficiency to run longer and maximize your bottom line. MACK PINNACLE BROCHURE
 mack_truckseries_titan_lgpromo1_sideview Titan by Mack is a feat of engineering, housing Mack’s largest-ever engine, the MP10®, and up to 605 horsepower. Drivers of this truck aren’t just hauling heavy transport; they’re carrying pride. MACK TITAN BROCHURE
mack_modelseries_granite_lgpromo1_sideview  The Granite®’s lightweight chassis can carry heavy loads while staying nimble, and its Mack® MP® engine is powerful and fuel-efficient, creating an unflinching truck built with true grit. MACK GRANITE BROCHURE
mack_modelseries_granitemhd_lgpromo1_sideview The Mack® Granite® Medium Heavy Duty (MHD) cuts weight without cutting power. It’s ideally configured for shorter runs and lighter-duty cycles with the strength to tackle a host of rugged jobs. MACK GRANITE HD  BROCHURE
mack_modelseries_terraprocabover_lgpromo1_sideview The TerraPro® Cabover delivers a rugged exterior, comfortable interior, superior visibility on all sides and MACK® Truck toughness for the construction and refuse industries. MACK TERRA PRO BROCHURE