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About Travis Trailer

More aluminum in the right places, and less where not needed, to optimize the strength and weight. For example, the “heavy U” at the back of our doghouse is 1inch thick. Our trailers do not crack here. Look closely, other trailers may look similar from a distance, or say they are as good as a Travis®, but they probably aren’t. We are not trying to be the lightest, or the cheapest. We ARE trying to be the best value, best constructed, longest lasting, least bothersome to maintain, and have the best resale value. This all sounds clichĂ©, but it is working. Most of our trailers have a 5-year, limited warranty. We are that confident in their workmanship. Most of our competitors have a 1-year warranty, and often times in the past, they haven’t been around to honor even that.

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