Kenworth T380 and T480 Model


Kenworth T380 and T480 Inventory

2025 Kenworth T480 Dump PX-9 Allison, Dump Truck, Engine: PX-9, HP: 360, Transmission: Allison, Front Axle: E-1462I, Rear Axle: DSP41P, Suspension: HAS402, Wheels: AA, Ratio: 6.17, Wheelbase: 180

 Kenworth T380 T480

2025 Kenworth T480 4K Water PX-7 Allison Style: 4, 000 Capacity / WATER, Engine: PX-7 , HP: 300, Transmission: Allison, Front Axle: NXT 10K, Rear Axle: S20-140, Suspension: 79KB 21K, Wheels: AA , Ratio: 5.29, Wheelbase: 194

 Kenworth T380 T480

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