PPP Enrollment

This form is for enrolling in Kenworth Loyalty and PPP.
Already enrolled in PPP need Kenworth Loyalty Only? Click here

Search for the customer’s phone number  or email address before proceeding.  Customer’s may have registered under multiple names … but it is only ONE account per ADDRESS.

PPP is the same account number
Enrollment in Kenworth Loyalty requires an email address
Fake Mailing addresses will leave this form incomplete and we will NOT process this PPP membership.
FAKE phone numbers will leave the form incomplete and we will NOT process this PPP membership
Please click the SUBMIT button 1 time and wait approx. 30 seconds before submitting again. You will receive a confirmation message when it is complete.

Registrations REQUIRE a valid email address of the customer.  Employee or FAKE emails will void the registration, no exceptions.

Questions, Contact

Setting up PPP accounts
Please call Marketing at x8857

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