Kenworth W990 Inventory

We are a Kenworth and Mack dealership across southeast Texas and we have W990 inventory available. We look forward to helping you find the perfect heavy-duty truck. Questions call the Truck sales dept at 281-593-8869

New Kenworth W990

2025 Kenworth W990L Daycab, 20k/46k with Pusher, Cummins X15 605 HP, 18 Speed (multiple units available)

 Kenworth W990

2024 Kenworth W990L Daycab MX-13 13 Speed, Sleeper: none, Engine: MX-13, HP: 510, Transmission: 13 Speed, Front Axle: D-1321LW, Rear Axle: DSH40P, Suspension: AG400, Wheels: AA, Ratio: 3.70, Wheelbase: 235

 Kenworth W990

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