Kenworth T660

The Kenworth T660 has been a fantastic truck for our customers with more than 60,000 T660s sold since its introduction in 2007.

Even from a distance, it’s easy to be moved by what you see. And up close, your perspective could change entirely. • Quality materials. Rare hand craftsmanship. Timeless elegance. Kenworth peace and quiet. This is a truck interior as compelling – and beautiful – as its exterior. An interior reflecting the fact that superior aerodynamics will only take you so far.

How efficiently a truck can be driven and how satisfying it is to drive are still the most important factors in any successful operation.

Kenworth T660
Kenworth T660


They say you can’t improve on a legend. We respectfully disagree. • The sweep of time has always brought unimagined advances. As true in trucking as it is in life. A bold new concept in aero conventional, the Kenworth T660 combines the artistry – and practical benefits – of optimized aerodynamics with unprecedented luxury, intelligent technology, time-tested methods and unmatched value.

Let your journey begin.


The aesthetics of aerodynamic truck design call for exacting and rigorous standards. You don’t create North America’s most highly evolved aerodynamic long-haul conventional by taking anything for granted. You scrutinize and fine-tune even the smallest detail – the precise headlamp shape, hood slope, chassis fairing and synergistic fit of every aero component. You employ leading-edge tools, technologies and materials to advance the state of aerodynamic art. And, with your hand firmly on the road ahead, you push the envelope as far as it will go.

Kenworth T660
Kenworth T660


At the intersection of technology and functionality, the best decision comes down to this: Keep the driver informed and in control. • Kenworth trucks have always brought a sense of clarity, comfort and freedom to the act of driving. With the T660, state-of-the-art practical technologies merge with world-class ergonomics to boost productivity and help reduce operator fatigue. An advanced forward lighting system, for example, reaches farther into the night for a wider, brighter field of vision. And built-in GPS navigation – standard with a Diamond interior – helps to guide you right to your destination.


Time-tested ways have their contemporary application when you want to build a truck of resolute strength and enduring stamina. • To engineer trucks that will go the distance with minimum downtime takes a passion for excellence, a determination to innovate, decades of real-world experience in tough places and often requires pushing every component to the limit. Be assured: Few heavy-duty trucks have ever been as thoughtfully crafted as the Kenworth T660.


Enjoy the journey • An investment in the Kenworth T660 pays off in greater fuel economy, driver retention, productivity and one more thing: resale value. Kenworths are always more valuable used than any other truck you can name. Whether you purchase or lease, for the long-haul you will be glad you own The World’s Best. • Let your journey begin.

Inside the Kenworth T660
Inside the Kenworth T660


Kenworth T660 Industry–leading technologies that improve driver performance and fuel efficiency.

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