Kenworth T680


Kenworth’s T680 is a true game changer in the business of running trucks at a profit. Aggressive aerodynamic design. A fully integrated, highly efficient PACCAR Powertrain. Uptime engineering that results in an unmatched work ethic. Plus a level of luxury, craftsmanship and intuitive control that makes the T680 The Driver’s Truck™ — a factor that helps every Kenworth fleet attract and retain the industry’s best operators.

Kenworth T680
Kenworth T680


Start with the most highly evolved aerodynamic long-haul tractor, the Kenworth T680. Add special factory-installed aerodynamic enhancements for the tractor that combine to reduce drag to an absolute minimum.

Optimize the powertrain with the fuel efficient PACCAR MX-13 engine, PACCAR transmission and PACCAR drive axles. Incorporate Kenworth’s Idle Management System, which eliminates the need to run the truck for off-duty temperature control. And integrate real-time reporting technology to help the driver run in the sweet spot for maximum fuel efficiency. Because Kenworth offers luxury, craftsmanship, reliability and driver satisfaction also come as part of the deal – Kenworth T680 is a perfect choice!

Kenworth T680
Kenworth T680

Most advanced and aerodynamic truck ever produced by Kenworth
• Front air dams, 19 inch side extenders and chassis fairing extenders,
rear sleeper fairing design and exhaust cut-out covers are standard.
• Front wheel well closeouts (optional)
• Aerodynamic enhancements (optional)
• Wheel covers
• Tandem fairings

Fuel Saving Intelligence:

• Driver Assist Cruise Control
• Predictive Neutral Coast
• Rewards
• Driver Shift Aid
• Performance Assistant
• Engine Idle Shutdown
• Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Kenworth Idle Management System:

• No-idle sleeper air conditioning system
• Fuel fired heater (Optional)
• Auto start/stop system (Optional)

Paccar Engines

• 13-liter and 11-liter displacements available to meet all applications
• High efficiency performance for optimized fuel economy
• High pressure common rail fuel system
• Compacted graphite iron (CGI) for improved strength and reduced weight

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The T680 Advantage brochure has the latest information on the most advanced and aerodynamic truck ever produced by Kenworth.

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